401 Market Avenue North

This 50,000 sq. ft. building offers over 12,000 sq. ft. per floor with modern HVAC providing seven zones per floor.  Situated in the heart of the City of Canton, this location is within walking distance of banks as well as civic and retail operations.  Adjacent, free parking for over 111 vehicles and direct routes to major thoroughfares make it an ideal location for your headquarters or a division of your operations.

The building has recently been updated with Internet improvements sure to appeal to your IT manager.

401 Market Avenue North is the ultimate Internet-friendly building. Located just a few feet away from a splice point, Internet customers will be connected via a Tier 1 provider that is one of the largest international Internet access providers. This means there’s no need for other providers like ATT, Sprint or Verizon. There also will be an in-house a wireless internet access provider. That means if a company is looking for global Internet access, the building is ready.

Size of Internet capability for 401 Market Ave North is 10 Megabits per second or 10 Gigabit connectivity. This generous bandwidth is more than sufficient for all tenants the building  can accommodate. 



Currently, demographics for this property are not available. Please contact us at 330.499.8153 to discuss you property needs.